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THE TAINTED ARCHIVE: Donald Westlake all new novel gets the Hard Case treatment

TheComedyIsFinished-COVERNews from The Tainted Archives and Hard Case Crime, via The Rap Sheet.

A bit of exciting Hard Case Crime news this morning: we’re going to be bringing out a never-before-published novel by the great Donald E. Westlake. 
Don began work on it in the late 1970s, but ultimately decided not to publish the book after Martin Scorsese released his movie "The King of Comedy" since Don was apparently concerned that the premise of his novel and Scorsese’s film were too similar.  He shouldn’t have worried — aside from both having to do with kidnapping a television comedian, the two are completely different.  But he did, and the result is that there’s a Westlake novel that’s been sitting unpublished in manuscript form for the past 30+ years.
The title is THE COMEDY IS FINISHED and it’s going to be our lead title for 2012 — only the second book ever to be published in hardcover by Hard Case Crime.

THE TAINTED ARCHIVE: Donald Westlake all new novel gets the Hard Case treatment

Hard Case Crimes First Hardcover Release will be GETTING OFF by Lawrence Block, which comes out on September 20. Block was a long time collaborator and friend of Donald Westlake.

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