The Noir City Los Angeles Festival of Film Noir

Dust off your fedora and fill up your hip flask, get you dame on the blower and tell her to shake the moths out of her cocktail dress. The Los Angeles Festival of Film Noir hosted by the American Cinematheque and the Film Noir Foundation is breaking out the old films between April 1st and 20th this yeaFilm Noirr. This years festival is being shown at the beautifully restored Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood.Egyptian

This could be a fun outing and a little different than the usual night on the town. Twenty-three of the films being shown are not available on DVD so this may be your only chance to see them unless NetFlix or someone else decides to stream them.

Tonight, April 2nd they are showing  Brute Force, from 1947 and starring Burt Lancaster, Hume Cronyn and Charles Bickford. 220px-BruteforcedvdBack when the film was released, Variety magazine gave the film a positive review, writing, "A closeup on prison life and prison methods, Brute Force is a showmanly mixture of gangster melodramatics, sociological exposition, and sex…of course, it wouldn’t be  Noir without femme fatales thus Yvonne De Carlo, Ann Blyth, Ella Raines and Anita Colby are the women on the ‘outside’ whose machinations, wiles or charms accounted for their men being on the ‘inside’…

Sticking with the prison theme, also showing tonight is House of Numbers starring Jack Palance. Tomorrows features are Whiplash from 1948 starring Dane Clark, Alexis Smith, Zachary Scott, and Eve Arden.220px-Whiplash

Other great films on the schedule are the Two Mrs. Carroll’s, on the 6th, Journey into Fear on the 8th, Gaslight on the 20th. For the complete schedule and ticketing information check out the American Cinematheque website.


These should be a lot of fun and give you something of a break from the usual in the city of Angels.


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